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Why is there no self-driving car in Hyundai’s Future Portfolio?

With every automaker jumping to make hybrids and self drives with the notion that the first and the most powerful is going to rule the future vehicle world. There has been no news from the Korean automaker about his plans to develop a self-drive portfolio.

While many other automakers have already set their targets for the self drives to 2020, Hyundai will be acting a bit slow in this rehab process. Also, the self-drive that the company plans to launch will not be fully electric. But why?

According to a report, the Hyundai officials believe that the fully autonomous vehicles will not be allowed on every road. Their movement will be restricted to only a few, rather not all. The officials also believe that these self drives won’t be available for the mass market up till 2025.

The company plans to launch its fully autonomous vehicles in 2030 when the policies and the people will be confident to drive such a car. This is believing in Hyundai’s sister company, Kia as well.

Also the cost will remain a big obstacle as the advanced systems used in these cars consume a lot of power. The company is working on the level 4 and level 5 autonomous cars but say that these obstacles will take time to be resolved. So for now, the automaker is targeting hybrids, plug-ins, and fuel cell propulsion for autonomous cars.


Until the absolute self-driving cars enter into the picture, the company wants to concentrate on the semi autonomous technology.