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What car choices will you have in 2018?


Given the 15 year legal import rule in Canada, we have a few great choices which you can consider if you are a car collector in 2018. Here are some attractive car options for you if you have a plan to import a beauty in 2018!

Alfa Romeo GT (2003)

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Appearance wise the GT is very attractive and the looks are very purposeful. It was voted as World’s most beautiful coupe in 2004. Mostly it has been based on the 156/147 in terms of its body and make. It has been positioned as a sports car by Alfa Romeo.


Citroën C2 (2003)

It is a youthful looking hatchback car as well as it is affordable on the customer pockets. It is a two-door compact hatchback, was launched in 2003. The base variant is very affordable.


Fiat Panda (2003)


It is a very easy to use UV and very easy on the pockets too. It is very low on maintenance so has a huge plus point there for customers. Best for daily use and the utilitarian aspect is what attracts the customers and has driven the sales.

Ford Falcon GT (2003)


It doesn’t look as bold but it still turns heads on roads with its classic features and styling. It is a pacer and well sorted with its neutral features. The car brakes are good, the cabin seats are comfortable but the cabin lacks styling a bit.