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Toyota and Panasonic to come together to make Batteries

Its an electric revolution and every company is changing its products according to the innovations and developments the happen. The electric revolution of the cars is such that every country and its stakeholders have got an EV policy now.

One of such companies is Toyota. Toyota is planning to develop electric vehicle batteries with the Panasonic Corporation. This will help the company to achieve its target of half of global sales of EVs by 2030.The joint announcement on Wednesday builds on an existing agreement under which Panasonic - a global market leader for automotive lithium-ion batteries - makes batteries for Toyota's petrol-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Toyota’s battery needs are bound to increase as the company plans to add fully electric vehicles to its product line up in the early 2020s. The company plans to use this green car strategy and focus on the production of plug-in hybrid and fuel cell vehicles (FCV).

The automakers from all around the world are strategizing its EV product folio and are making continuous development and changes so that they remain at par in the competition, given the rules and regulations laid by the government.

Every company has its own set of problems for development on a particular product or strategy. Coming together of different companies so that they can help each other in development can prove to be a good step towards development and a better living.