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Ontario Government focus on EV

The Ontario government has been introducing big initiatives to further EVs and has been making it even bigger by introducing them in bigger vehicles. If businesses purchase electric trucks, they could get up to $75,000 of incentives.

Though this incentive is not limited to only electric trucks, businesses that buy natural gas trucks or convert their existing fleet can get incentives too. Smaller changes like side skirts or cab heaters will also gain incentives.

The province will give an incentive of 60% of the cost difference from a conventional gas or diesel truck. The 60 percent incentive also applies to only the first 10 applications between September 1 2017 and March 31 2018. After that, it drops to 50 percent, still capped at $75,000. After the first 10 that drops to 30 percent.

For businesses that upgrade their existing fleet by adding side skirts, etc will get 40% incentive for early upgradation and for latecomers, it will be 30% with a cap of $2,000 per car accessory.

This step is in the direction of moving to early adoption of EVs and will speed up the order rate for companies like Tesla and BYD who has planned an Ontario assembly plant.

Ontario is already the most EV friendly province, at least in terms of incentives if not yet adoption rates, and the new Green Commercial Vehicle Program boosts that further.