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Honda plans to charge up the EVs in 15 Minutes.

One of the biggest drawback of the electric vehicles is the time they take to charge up fully and the distance they cover in a single charge. In todays era, when time is money, no one really wants to waste their time sitting idol, waiting for their cars to get charged so that they can go further. Fast charging station are an option, but they are less in number or are pre-occupied.

Companies like Tesla, that is dominating the electric vehicles in the North America, Honda has plans to rule in the rest of the world. Honda has already been making its mass EV plans for the rest of the world and has plans to launch its EVs in between 2019 and 2022.

But Honda has a better plan. They are developing EVs that can be fully charged in a short span of 15 mins. By the time you plug your EV and grab a cup of coffee, your car will be fully charged.

Honda plans to achieve this by developing a new kind of battery that is capable of really fast charging. Fast charging is already common in Japan and provides maximum 150kW, while there are plans to increase that figure to 350kW in 2020. Honda’s new technology will be taking advantage of that infrastructure. 

EV’s these days take double this time to charge about a 80 percent. But if cars and technologies like these come in the market, the EV adaption by the people will reach to great levels.