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Have a Safe Drive this Snow

Canadians can experience a slick road anything between the Halloween and the St. Patrick’s Day. Winters are just about to arrive. And the drivers, whether new or seasoned should know how to act when the roads are slippery and covered with snow.

Now we are here to give a few tips on how to have a save drive this winter.

1. Have strong tires.
Tires are what the cars runs on and they are in direct contact with the roads when the car is running. Drivers in Canada should go for the winter tires. When temperatures are at or below 7 degrees Celsius, winter tires provide significantly better traction than all other tires, providing greater control and shorter stopping distances on road surfaces during cold weather. Still many people in Quebec don’t have winter tires.

2. Be careful with drifts.
Winter and snow makes the road slippery. Clear roads may have you driving smoothly, and at a faster clip too. However, there are times when the winters winds can push the snow on the clear roads and one should be cautious while driving.

3. Do not forget to put a lid.
 Keep your tyre lids covered and this will help in avoiding moisture. Thus, will help you from not getting a flat tyre.

4. Check your Tyre Pressure.
Always make sure that your tires are will buffed up. Check your tire pressure every time you decide to venture out. It’s especially important when temperatures are low and air pressure is high.

5.Replace your tires.

It is advisable to replace your tyres every 2 to 3 years. You can drop off your tires to the tyre collectors and they can be recycled.

This winter, keep safe and warm.