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The future of the Automotive landscape

Oven a century old era of owning and driving an automobile is getting smaller and is slowing changing into a new era of mobility.

The reasons are many. Buyers today are less likely to be attracted towards car styles or engine sizes. Ride-sharing is accelerating quickly as an alternative means of transportation. Canada is facing similar trends. Many experts are saying that car manufacturing is on an accelerating change curve and soon passengers will be customizing the cars according to their own needs.

Soon, the EVs and self-driving cars will take over our emotional attachment to fuelled passenger vehicles. Indeed, numerous production launches of self-driving cars are being projected for 2021 to 2035. By 2035, 21 million self-driving cars could be on the road in the U.S.

Public adoption will be a struggle though because people will not trust a vehicle to drive them to their destinations. First step to this will be geo-fencing, so that autonomous vehicles will have a separate section for driving in cities.

Incidentally, kids or senior citizens will be the key demographics for these cars as kids will not drive for long distances and senior citizens are not sure of their driving. Also, they will not need driving licenses as the cars will be computerized and will be self steered. There will be no honking or accidents as the cars will talk to each other and there will be no gas stations and they will be replaced by charging stations.

As far as the manufacturers and suppliers, the difficlty of making these self-driving cars could initially rise as much as 20 per cent with the addition of complex electronics and components. But the cost is projected to decline quickly with increased volume and scale of production. The life expectancy of these cars will be shorter.

Businesses besides the automotive industry will be affected, too. Think about media. Gone will be all that revenue from road signage advertisers.

Think about real estate. Commercial buildings will no longer need large parking lots for tenants, which should provide more availability of higher value added commercial space. Freeing up the land could help increase the local tax base, too. Residential homes will no longer need driveways or garages, at least not as much, if people use autonomous vehicles on call or ride-sharing.

flying cars are already on some drawing boards. Airbus in Europe has already announced plans for a prototype to fly in 2018! Transportation will be changing dramatically in these years.

All that can be said that it is a wait and watch game!