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Fully autonomous cars are more of a present phenomenon rather than a distant reality, thanks to General Motors Cruise AV self-driving 100% electric car.

The company has recently showcased the vehicle at the Detroit Auto Show, making it a dream come true for many people who were waiting for driverless cars. GM has officially announced that it has filed a petition with the Department of Transportation (DoT) to get road approval for its driverless car.

The car is a first as it has no steering wheel, no pedals or any mechanical control. It uses laser and sensors which offer full-view of the road and environment.

The company is targeting to eliminate road... Read More

This time at the 2018 Detroit Auto Show, majorly all carmakers were playing on Americans’ affinity for the SUV and pickup truck segment. There were too many choices for consumers in these segments right from the utilitarian to the most luxurious.

There were many new product offerings by American as well as European carmakers at the show. While sedans and EVs were also on display, the show clearly favoured SUVs and trucks segment, as American consumers also preferred this segment clearly based on past demand in the industry. In order to adapt to fast changing consumer preferences and needs, more luxurious options were offered, with updated features, best-in-class features,... Read More

One of the major current talking points in the Automotive and Mobility domain is, Autonomous driving or Self-driving which is also the central topic at the CES 2018 recently held at Las Vegas early this year. Many non-automakers like Panasonic, Google and Amazon are entering this segment making it an immensely viable segment in the coming future.

However, there are many concerns that have been raised about this technology in the past, especially related to safety norms of this technology. People generally don’t feel safe getting into a car that is self-driven as there is a huge risk of accidents. 

As we are progressing toward more and more alternate ways of mobility in the World like connected driving, autonomous driving and Electric vehicles, non-auto companies like Panasonic, Google, Amazon, Uber, etc. are aggressively coming into the picture.

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2018 which was held in Las Vegas recently witnessed Panasonic displaying its future technologies at large. Panasonic has partnered with technology giant, Google for introducing its Next-Generation Infotainment platform operating on Android Orea OS and has integrated the Google assistant and Google Maps in order to provide assisted and intuitive driving experience.

Panasonic also... Read More

The car is the world’s first to offer the same car in all-electric, hybrid as well as plug-in hybrid options, offered on the same platform by Hyundai. The car is green, energy efficient as well as affordable on the pockets of customers.

Recently, the Hyundai Ioniq plug-in option has been launched by the automaker. The variant is a mixture of both a hybrid as well as electric car. The driver can drive for 47kms on electric power alone after which, the hybrid option will come into play automatically, that is why the word “Plus” has been used in the car name.

Design wise the car is pretty much good with power output is 164 hp along with 195 lb-ft of torque. Engine is... Read More

General Motors has launched a very innovative and disruptive on-the-go e-commerce platform for its car owners called GM Marketplace for the very first time. The drivers can order and pay for services like booking a restaurant, food pickup, fuel, accessories, etc. from the vehicle’s dashboard.

At the moment, these services are only available in a few cities of USA like Austin, Seattle and Atlanta and no service is available in Canada. Canada will get these services within a few years.

The GM Marketplace allows car owners to order coffee, food, reserve a table at a restaurant, find the nearest gas station for fuel refill, etc. from the vehicle’s dashboard with 4G... Read More


Given the 15 year legal import rule in Canada, we have a few great choices which you can consider if you are a car collector in 2018. Here are some attractive car options for you if you have a plan to import a beauty in 2018!

Alfa Romeo GT (2003)

Image result for Alfa Romeo GT (2003)

Appearance wise the GT is very attractive and the looks are very purposeful. It was voted as World’s... Read More

Oven a century old era of owning and driving an automobile is getting smaller and is slowing changing into a new era of mobility.

The reasons are many. Buyers today are less likely to be attracted towards car styles or engine sizes. Ride-sharing is accelerating quickly as an alternative means of transportation. Canada is facing similar trends. Many experts are saying that car manufacturing is on an accelerating change curve and soon passengers will be customizing the cars according to their own needs.

Soon, the EVs and self-... Read More

The Ontario government has been introducing big initiatives to further EVs and has been making it even bigger by introducing them in bigger vehicles. If businesses purchase electric trucks, they could get up to $75,000 of incentives.

Though this incentive is not limited to only electric trucks, businesses that buy natural gas trucks or convert their existing fleet can get incentives too. Smaller changes like side skirts or cab heaters will also gain incentives.

The province will give an incentive of 60% of the cost difference from a conventional... Read More

Its an electric revolution and every company is changing its products according to the innovations and developments the happen. The electric revolution of the cars is such that every country and its stakeholders have got an EV policy now.

One of such companies is Toyota. Toyota is planning to develop electric vehicle batteries with the Panasonic Corporation. This will help the company to achieve its target of half of global sales of EVs by 2030.The joint announcement on Wednesday builds on an existing agreement under which Panasonic - a global... Read More

Canadians can experience a slick road anything between the Halloween and the St. Patrick’s Day. Winters are just about to arrive. And the drivers, whether new or seasoned should know how to act when the roads are slippery and covered with snow.

Now we are here to give a few tips on how to have a save drive this winter.

1. Have strong tires.
Tires are what the cars runs on and they are in direct contact with the roads when the car is running. Drivers in Canada should go for the winter tires. When temperatures are at or... Read More

Henrik Fisker, the legendary car designer was recently in the news when he tweeted the cropped image of his next vehicle, and the internet went crazy. He had tweeted - “An exciting Fisker product in a whole new segment coming soon. The future of mobility will change forever.”

Well, Fisker now tweeted out the whole image and it comes out to be, what most industry experts and thought of - a transportation pod.

This transportation pod is being named as the Fisker’s Orbit. It’s an autonomous shuttle designed for connected “smart cities”. Fisker... Read More

The whole of the industry is waiting for the launch of the Infinity QX50 crossover that is to arrive next year. With this crossover will come a 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine introducing a technology never seen before in a regular production vehicle: variable compression.

Developed under the Nissan banner for almost as long as 20 years this engine has a unique quality, a quality to change the distance the pistols travel in their cylinders by as much as 6 mm, or about a quarter of an inch. Varying the compression ratio has the... Read More

With every automaker jumping to make hybrids and self drives with the notion that the first and the most powerful is going to rule the future vehicle world. There has been no news from the Korean automaker about his plans to develop a self-drive portfolio.

While many other automakers have already set their targets for the self drives to 2020, Hyundai will be acting a bit slow in this rehab process. Also, the self-drive that the company plans to launch will not be fully electric. But why?

According to a report, the Hyundai officials believe... Read More

Innovation is the father of development. With the number of cars increasing with a tremendous rate and this in turn increasing the pollution that is spoiling the air we breathe, innovation that can cut down the pollution is the need of the hour.

In terms of the safety quotient, disc brakes since the time of its innovation in 1950s have been helpful in saving a number of lives by stopping the car “on a dime”. But, they could be inadvertently damaging people's health thanks to dust and rust... Read More